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Net Metering

Tarlac Electric Inc. (TEI) is in full support of clean, renewable, and sustainable energy. Residential and business owners are encouraged to find alternative means of creating energy—whether it be solar, wind, biomass, or biogas—and giving it back to the community.

Net Metering Program

Through the Net Metering Program under Republic Act 9513, TEI customers can install a Renewable Energy (RE) facility within their property. The RE facility should not exceed 100 kW in capacity, and be safely and securely connected to the TEI grid for the energy to be credited. However, anything beyond 100 kW will not be covered by the program.

Before investing in an RE facility, it’s best to find out what your load profile is so that you can purchase the right one that meets your needs.

How does the Net Metering Program work?

Sign up for TEI’s Net Metering Program so that a TEI representative can visit your residential or commercial property to install a bi-directional meter. This meter will be able to read both directions of energy flow. For example, your solar panels will supply the energy you need when the sun is out. The excess energy you create will then be exported to the TEI power grid. At night or whenever solar energy cannot be harvested, TEI will provide your electric energy. All the energy exported by your solar panels and provided by TEI will be measured accordingly.

Can I save money through Net Metering?

You automatically save money because you use less energy from the TEI grid. Through the Net Metering Program, you will only be billed for your net energy use. The amount you save is equal to the excess energy you’ve exported to the TEI power grid multiplied by the generation rate. You will be compensated for the energy you provided through TEI bill credits.

Why does TEI need to know about my RE installation?

Enrolling in TEI’s Net Metering Program will guarantee that the RE facility you’ve installed is stable and compliant with all safety measures and procedures. Plus, you can be certain that it is compatible with the TEI power grid, so that you can receive the highest value and savings from your RE investment.

If you do not inform TEI about your RE facility, you put yourself, your home or office, and others at risk. The following problems may occur:

  • Damage to household appliances
  • Electrical fires
  • Electrocution of personnel
  • Grid instability
  • Inaccurate billing
  • Neighborhood blackouts
  • Service interruption

Even if you do not plan on exporting energy to the TEI grid, you should still notify TEI about your RE facility by applying for the Net Metering Program. This will keep your connection 100% safe and will prevent electrical accidents from happening.

How can I sign up for TEI’s Net Metering Program?

Interested parties may avail of Net Metering by submitting the list of requirements to TEI’s main office (Mabini Street) or business centers:

  • Letter of Intent to participate in the Net Metering Program
  • A Net Metering Application Form that you have filled out and signed
  • Electrical Plan with Renewable Energy (RE) Modification that has been signed and sealed by a professional electrical engineer
  • Electrical Permit for Net Metering from the Electrical Section of the City Engineer’s Office in Tarlac City Hall
  • Technical specifications of the RE facility
  • Certificate of RE facility (proof from your solar PV panel supplier that the RE facility has passed international standards such as IEC, IEEE, and others)
  • Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) Certificate of Compliance (COC) Form No. 1 and 2
  • Community Tax Certificate (CTC) or Cedula
  • Two (2) valid identification (ID) cards, such as driver’s license, Philippine passport, PRC license, new COMELEC voter’s ID, voter’s certification, SSS ID, GSIS ID, senior citizen’s ID, TIN ID, postal ID, and original NBI clearance

To download a copy of the Net Metering Program application form, please click here.

After submitting all the requirements, the TEI Net Metering team will get in touch with you to update you about the status of your application. For further questions or inquiries, you may call our hotline at 606-1834 or visit us at the TEI main office.