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New Connection Application

Visit this page for details on how to apply for a TEI electric service. In it, you’ll find the step-by-step procedure and corresponding costs for a new connection application.

Bill Deposit

Your bill deposit should correctly reflect the amount on your current monthly bill. If your average consumption is higher than the bill deposit by ten percent (10%) or more, you will need to upgrade your bill deposit. Customers have the option of paying the bill deposit adjustment on a one-time or staggered basis.

The account owner should present the original official receipt to TEI. If the official receipt is lost, the account owner should provide an affidavit of loss notarized by a registered attorney. If the account owner has passed away, the representative should provide a death certificate.
For more information on your TEI bill deposit, click here.

It should be equivalent to approximately one (1) month of your expected electric bill. The bill deposit will earn an interest that is set by the Energy Regulatory Commission.

The amount will be based on the schedule of loads that you will submit to TEI and the result of the application site survey. TEI’s attending engineers will verify the load schedule for the value of your bill deposit. The customer must sign the TEI Metered Service Contract then pay the bill deposit.

Reviewed on a yearly basis, TEI’s bill deposit program evaluates a customer’s average monthly consumption in relation to his current bill deposit. If the customer’s average consumption differs by ten percent (10%) with the customer’s current bill deposit, the account should undergo either an upgrade or a partial refund.

If his average consumption is ten percent (10%) or more than the bill deposit, the customer will have to upgrade his bill deposit. The method for the upgrade will be staggered and collected on a monthly basis.
If his consumption is ten percent (10%) lower than the bill deposit, the customer will receive a refund. The refunded amount will be applied to the existing bill deposit. The customer will also have an option to refund the amount by cash or check.

Billing and Payment

Tarlac Electric Inc. (TEI) will deliver the customer’s Statement of Account (SOA) to his service address within fifteen (15) days after the reading date.
Customers should always pay on time to avoid surcharges and possible disconnection.

TEI offers its customers the convenience of receiving their SOA through electronic format via SMS message, email, or both. This option will enable you to receive your monthly bills and TEI advisories through SMS and/or email.

To enroll your account in our Electronic Statement of Account (ESOA) service, visit your nearest TEI business center. Provide your account number, your relationship with the account holder (if the account is not under your name), and your contact details (your email address and/or mobile number). You will also be asked to sign the TEI ESOA Customer Enrollment Form.

Email us at cwd@teiph.com or call us at 606-1834. Make sure to provide us with your account name, your account number, and your nearest landmark so that we can endorse a report regarding the non-delivery of your SOA.

Upon filing the report, your new SOA will be delivered to your service address within three (3) working days. If you are enrolled in ESOA, it will be immediately sent to your email and/or mobile number.

To know how much your current or past bill is, proceed to any of the TEI business centers and present your account name and account number to our attending customer representative. You may also call us at 606-1834 or chat with us through our official

Facebook account (@tei.ph) by providing the same details.

The ESOA aims to make billing and TEI advisories more convenient for customers. Through this program, customers may enroll their email address and/or mobile number to receive emails and/or SMS messages about their billing statements and other TEI advisories such as power interruption schedules.

Visit any of the TEI business centers to enroll your account in the ESOA program. You will be asked to provide your account number, your relationship with the account holder (if the account is not named after the enrollee), and your contact details (your email address and/or mobile number). You will also be required to sign the TEI ESOA Customer Enrollment Form.

You can pay your electric bills at any of the following business centers: TEI Main Office (Mabini Street), SM City Tarlac, Magic Star Mall, Magic Star Matatalaib, CityWalk, Metrotown Mall, and Market City Mall. Click here to see each business center’s operating hours.

For late payment of your TEI bill, a two percent (2%) surcharge will be added on top of the current bill.


Feel free to call us at 606-1834. While speaking with our customer care associate, please provide your account number, your account name, your contact number, your nearest landmark, and your complaint. You may also submit any customer-related complaints via TEI’s official Facebook account @tei.ph or email us at cwd@teiph.com.


You can report illegal connections by contacting us at 606-1834 or by visiting any of our business centers: TEI Main Office (Mabini Street), SM City Tarlac, Magic Star Mall, Magic Star Matatalaib, CityWalk, Metrotown Mall, and Market City Mall. Rest assured that all pilferage reports will be kept confidential.

If a customer is caught tampering with an electric meter or doing anything unlawful in relation to his TEI line, he will be subjected to a corresponding penalty from TEI. Depending on the degree of the crime, his line may be disconnected. TEI will also take legal action against the customer.


We’re delighted to know that you’re interested in joining TEI’s workforce! Click here [insert link] for more information on our current job vacancies.

To learn more about TEI’s unbundled rates, you may call us at 606-1834 for immediate assistance. You may also compute for your per kWh consumption rate by dividing the amount of your total bill by your total kWh consumption.

Click here to see TEI’s complete list of business centers.

Customers may settle their bills, apply for new connection, endorse complaints, request for disconnection, and attend to other TEI-related matters at our business centers. However, please note that each business center follows the operating hours of the mall it is located in.

First, you must submit all the necessary requirements at TEI business center for evaluation and survey. Requirements include proof of ownership or occupancy such as Transfer Certificate of Title, Deed of Sale, Waiver of Rights, Contract of Lease, and other related documents. Informal settlers must show proof of right to occupy the premises (issued by the authorized individual or local government unit or entity) and two (2) valid identification (ID)

Upon survey approval, the new owner must sign the metered service contract and pay the following fees:

  • Bill deposit (Minimum fee): Dependent on the customer’s load schedule
  • Service fee (For residential property): P33.60
  • Service fee (For commercial property): P84.00


For customers interested in transferring or changing their account name, requirements include proof of ownership or occupancy such as:

  • Transfer Certificate of Title
  • Deed of Sale
  • Waiver of Rights
  • Contract of Lease
  • Other related documents

Customers who are informal settlers will need to provide:

  • Proof of right to occupy the premises issued by the authorized individual or local government unit or entity
  • Two (2) valid identification (ID) cards, which can be any of the following: driver’s license, Philippine passport, PRC license, new COMELEC voter’s ID, voter’s certification, SSS ID, GSIS ID, senior citizen ID, TIN ID, postal ID, and original NBI clearance

Click here for more information on how to avail of our senior citizen discount.

Senior citizens must fill out a Senior Citizen Discount Form available at any TEI business center. They must present the most recent TEI statement under their name, a barangay certification, their senior citizen ID, one (1) additional valid ID, and a photocopy of the two IDs. Valid IDs include the Philippine passport, driver’s license, voter’s ID, SSS ID, GSIS ID, PRC card, and postal ID.

Senior citizens cannot apply for the discount if they do not have their senior citizen ID. To avail of the discount, their monthly average consumption should be less than 100 kWh.

The senior citizen discount application must be filed on a yearly basis. It will not be automatically discounted in the customer’s billing statement.