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Bill Deposit

Whether you’re a new applicant or a client requesting for reconnection, all Tarlac Electric Inc. (TEI) customers are required to pay a bill deposit. Approximately equivalent to one month of the customer’s electric bill, this amount guarantees that he will be able to pay his statement. Failure to pay the required bill deposit shall result in the disconnection of the electric service.

TEI will base the bill deposit on the customer’s estimated electricity consumption or load schedule, which is submitted during service application. However, the amount is adjusted yearly depending on the actual average monthly electric energy consumption of the customer.

Annual Update of Bill Deposit

Every year on the anniversary month of your service contract, TEI will review your bill deposit to make sure it is enough to cover your monthly usage.

If your actual average monthly bill is higher than your bill deposit by ten percent (10%) or more, your bill deposit will be adjusted accordingly and an additional amount will be collected from you. The corresponding interest shall be applied to your bill deposit adjustment. You have the option of paying the amount on a one-time or staggered basis.

If your actual average monthly bill is less than 90 percent (90%) of your bill deposit, you can apply for a refund. You have the option to refund the amount by cash or check at any TEI business center.

For example, your bill deposit is P1,000. If your actual average monthly bill is more than P1,100, TEI will automatically adjust it the following year. If your actual average monthly bill is less than P900, you can apply for the refund.

If the amount falls within the acceptable range, no additional fee will be collected from you. This also means that you will not be able to claim a bill deposit refund.

Bill Deposit Refund

A customer who has diligently paid his electric bills on or before its due date for three (3) consecutive years can request for the full refund of his bill deposit. This is done by filing a bill deposit refund application. TEI will refund the amount within one (1) month of receiving the application. However, if the customer fails to pay his electric bill on time, TEI will restore his bill deposit.

Customers terminating their TEI service can also avail of their bill deposit refund one (1) month from the termination of service as long as all of their bills have been settled.

To facilitate the bill deposit refund, the account owner should present the original official receipt to TEI. If the official receipt cannot be found, an affidavit of loss notarized by a registered attorney should be provided. If the account owner is deceased, the representative should provide a death certificate.